housing shortage on Cape Cod

Homelessness and a shortage of affordable housing remain serious problems on Cape Cod and the Islands.


Dr. Lee Hamilton is a grant writer and research consultant specializing in issues of housing, homelessness prevention, social policy and other human services. She has a proven track record of writing successfully funded HUD grants. Her clients include non-profit organizations, private foundations, and local government agencies looking to improve the quality of their services, to evaluate their effectiveness and to seek out and secure new sources of funding. She offers assistance in all aspects of grant writing and research

Dr. Hamilton has been researching social issues in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts and New England regions for over 25 years. Her expertise and experience in this field has helped her conduct comprehensive research projects and write several significant federal government HUD grants that have received very high scores and full funding. Her knowledge of homelessness and prevention services and the evaluation of their effectiveness is acclaimed throughout the region.

Although Dr. Hamilton has a special interest in affordable housing, homeless and prevention services she is deeply involved in other human services topics such as gender discrimination, women's rights, domestic abuse, wealth distribution and research methodology. Dr. Hamilton also teaches college courses in Sociology and Race Class & Gender.

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